Premiere: Chris George Bancroft – ‘Hold On' (ft. Asha Jefferies)

Thursday, March 28, 2019

We’re super thrilled to be able to introduce you to Chris George Bancroft and his debut single 'Hold On', which features Asha Jefferies. With an EP currently in the works, 'Hold On' is a sneak preview of what you can expect to hear from Chris George Bancroft this year and we're ready for more. To celebrate the release of his first single, he takes us through the story of 'Hold On' — learn more about Chris and the single below in his words.

I wrote ‘Hold On’… at the beginning of 2018, right after I had started writing songs for this project. I think it was the second song I had started? Writing takes time for me I’ve usually got a couple songs I’m working on in pieces at once.

The story behind ‘Hold On’ is... lyrically, it’s about holding on to very specific detailed memories and situations and realising how that has a potentially damaging effect on how you currently do things day to day. It’s kind of like me kicking myself in the it’s a message to myself. Like “hey dude, you keep thinking about this old shit this but it’s only causing you stress and upsetting you. Chill out, stop holding on to stuff, focus on what’s happening right now because that the only thing that that’s important and matters most”

My favourite lyric is… the pre-choruses. Those lyrics are the crux of the song, a summation and realisation of what it feels like in that state.

It was made… October 2018. With my mate Ali from The Cairos, Clea and Zefereli at his studio. He’s the nicest human I’ve ever met in music. He played the drums and I played everything else. It was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable studio experiences I’ve ever had. We worked roughly for an hour on 10 mins off over two days. I can’t wait to get back together for more.

My main inspiration was… I had this idea that if I write about stuff that’s been bothering me for ages or stuff I feel takes up too much space in my head it will go away. Like offloading baggage into song form. Not sure if that’s worked but a decent song has come out of the process so that’s a win.

It sounds best when... I know when it doesn’t sound car doesn’t have Bluetooth or an aux input so I’ve listened to it mostly on my phone in my car, don’t do that. Through a good sound system, played loud, maybe alone, maybe when you’re thinking about some shit that’s bothering you? Listen close, there’s heaps of little subtle things that are great, particularly listen to the bass arrangement...Ali’s idea, it’s killer.

Listen to 'Hold On' ft. Asha Jefferies below: