Video Premiere: primetime. – 'our own.'

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Today, we’re stoked to bring you the video for primetime.’s huge debut single ‘our own.’. Featuring band members of RAT!hammock, Fan Girl, Porpoise Spit, Sophisticated Dingo, primetime. are the supergroup we all need.

Their debut single is a dynamic introduction of what primetime. have planned and where they're taking their sound. Along with a song that you're going to play on repeat for hours, they've also shared insane visuals that take the track to another level. The video was created by Le Adventures Of Eugene Fitzgerald and takes you on a whimsical journey through visuals that are out of this world.

This is only the beginning for primetime. who are set to release their debut EP crimetime. in the coming weeks and will be playing a launch show for the EP at The Old Bar on April 4.

Check out the video for 'our own.' below: