Feature: The Anatomy of 'Behind The Screen' with MAGUIRE

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

London-based artist MAGUIRE recently shared her dazzling single 'Behind The Screen'. The emotionally charged single will blow you away. To celebrate its release, MAGUIRE took some time out to dive into the story behind the single.

I wrote 'Behind The Screen'… this time two years ago actually. It came together very quickly one evening but some of the lyrics had been germinating in my head for years before that.

The story behind 'Behind The Screen' is… It was born out of a mounting frustration with the fractured nature in which we communicate with people (especially people we have feelings for) through our phones; not ever really knowing how the other person is interpreting or reading us. No one ever picks up the phone anymore, or jumps on a plane, or does anything impulsive! This cautious form of self-curation can breed false infatuation because it's not an organic way of getting to know someone. Our impressions of one another are becoming less and less based in reality and more on how we want to appear, and that troubles me.

My favourite lyric is… ‘My lips they’ll part for you, but only to speak the truth’

It was made… with some of my favourite musicians, some of whom I’ve toured in bands with and known for over 10 years – Jens Kuross (drums), Jon Jackson (guitar), and Rick Leigh (flugelhorn), and my fantastic producer; Steph Marziano. It was a really organic process recorded over multiple days, which refreshingly juxtaposes the theme of the song; being that of the disconnection and isolation we are all suffering from today. Instead this track is a testament to friendships built over time which are something I treasure.

My main inspiration was… one of my favourite classical composers – Debussy. I was learning one of his Deux Arabesques at the time, and his cascading arpeggios resonated with an enlightening psychedelic experience I had on DMT. Suddenly my eyes were opened to the ridiculousness of the importance we place on living life in this empty online world; and worrying about such insignificant things as how we come across on social media. The evolution in ‘Behind The Screen' from the rigidity of the chords in the first half to the fluid freedom of the second mirrors this spiritual awakening; calling for a more truthful and genuine existence. Ok that sounds very new age hippie...make of it what you will.

It sounds best when… looking up from your phone screen and power walking down the road on a sunny day, taking in the natural world around you

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