Feature: The Anatomy of 'Borderline' with Airplane Man

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Photo by Tony Shadman

New wave duo Airplane Man have unveiled their first track of the year with their pulsating new single 'Borderline'. To celebrate the release of 'Borderline', Daniel Feldman from Airplane Man goes into depth on how the track came together.

We wrote 'Borderline'... during a 10-day retreat in the middle of nowhere. We found a secluded cabin miles from civilization and went on a musical bender. 'Borderline' is one of the songs born from the cabin.

The story behind 'Borderline'... began in my car. We were driving down a dirt road towards the cabin and saw a sign for Borderline Rd and instantly started singing the hook exactly as it is on the record.

My favourite lyric is... “there’s a paradise - it’s close enough if you just close your eyes”. Something about the grass being greener is so human.

It was made... in the kitchen of our little wooden cabin while the snow was falling outside. The two of us were jumping up and down on the linoleum floor, singing along and pretending to be our favorite new wave frontmen.

Our main inspiration... was the driving synth bass lines of the 80s and the modern musicians bringing it back. Not just the sound but also the feeling it gives you. It’s like a mechanical heartbeat. Even movies like The Breakfast Club, and Top Gun, and Drive.

It sounds best... when you blast it at full volume and dance to it alone in your bedroom. It’s also pretty good when you’re gunning it in the fast lane of a superhighway.

Listen to 'Borderline' by Airplane Man below:

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