Feature: The Anatomy of 'Composure' with argonaut&wasp

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Photo by Andrew Segreti

Brooklyn-based duo argonaut&wasp last week shared their new single 'Composure', which is their first single in over a year and first single released since signing with +1 Records. To celebrate its release, Theo from the duo dives into the track for us.

We wrote 'Composure'… in May of 2018. It was the fastest song we ever wrote and it came together quite naturally.

The story behind 'Composure' is… it is a love song. It is a self-reflection on how the start of my relationship with my girlfriend had this feeling of beautiful excitement. I tried to capture that elusive feeling, hence the “cameras speak so loud” lyric. I wanted to record that feeling in a song. We actually tried about 20 different arrangements until we reverted to the 1st version!

My favourite lyric is… the first one, “got you on my shoulder wherever I go”. It has this quality to it that draws you in. I tried re-tracking it multiple times to make it more “in tune” or “tighter” but the performance was never the same as that magical moment.

It was made… on a Roland jx8p and a 606 drum machine. Then we added the vocals and the guitar. The vocal hook was written and recorded live in the room so there is actually lots of drum and synth bleed in the recording. I kind of like that about it.

Our main inspiration was… 80s love songs + The Strokes + 2000s pop.

It sounds best when…  listening with your partner.

Listen to 'Composure' by argonaut&wasp below:

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