Feature: The Anatomy of 'Drink Me Goodbye' with LX Mason

Friday, April 12, 2019

Sydney-based electro-pop artist LX Mason has just shared his new single (and video) with 'Drink Me Goodbye'. The track tells the story of heartbreak, and what some people will do to forget an ex. Learn more about the song below,

I wrote ‘Drink Me Goodbye’… Because I needed a way to verbally processes a relationship that kinda fell a part a while back. I had the first line “I used to love you back when we were friends” repeating over and over in my head and eventually sat down and wrote the rest of it.

The story behind ‘Drink Me Goodbye’ is... about watching someone from a distance try so hard to replace you. Watching them go to the same places you guys used to go to, do the same things you used to do with them, go to the same parties etc. but without you. Except, rather than letting it get to you, realising that nothing can replace you and that person is going to end up trying to crawl back to you in the end.

My favourite lyric is... In your feelings cause you know you should’ve kept me close - you wasted all your chances. So you delete me from your phone to hide the fact I’m better off.

It was made... chorus first at a piano, verses in my car, bridge in St. Humains car, fine-tuned in his studio.

My main inspiration was...  *NSYNC, the drop in You Should See Me In A Crown by Billie, and inexpensive wine

It sounds best when… live, or blasting it in your car

Check out the video for 'Drink Me Goodbye' below: