Feature: The Anatomy of 'Gazing' with Winona Forever

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Photo by Cyrus Jordan

Montreal band Winona Forever celebrate the art of dancing alone in your room with their dreamy new single 'Gazing'. The band formed in 2014 and keep things DIY, striving to create and produce themselves. To celebrate the release of 'Gazing', they disect the single for us.

We wrote ‘Gazing'… at home in Bens bedroom after work one night.

The story behind ‘Gazing' is… very spontaneous! With a very comfortable bedroom recording setup and a crush on a french coworker, this song was born.

My favourite lyric is… "That's my favourite couch" - bit of a ridiculous-but-relatable sentiment that came up spontaneously while writing the song.

It was made… in less than 3 hours! Followed by many months of polishing the recording and adding detail.

Our main inspiration was… a rented hollow body guitar that was a lot of fun to play. A couple tunes seemed to just pop right out of it and Gazing was one of them.

It sounds best when… stargazing!

Listen to 'Gazing' by Winona Forever below:

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