Feature: The Anatomy of 'Growing Pains' with Abbie Ozard

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Photo by Dawncast

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Abbie Ozard last week shared her infectious new single 'Growing Pains'. The coming of age track explores teenage love and the feelings that come along with it. She dives into the single for us below.

I wrote 'Growing Pains'... when I was still hungover and embarrassed from the weekend before.

The story behind 'Growing Pains' is... when I visited Rich’s studio for the first time in Liverpool we got talking about all the stupid things I used to do to impress boys when I was growing up and in sixth form. Boys probably have no clue how much thought girls put into every move they make with them and it is quite funny.

My favourite lyric is... “You’re 94 and I’m 97”

It was made... so girls or boys who are growing up could relate to it and listen to it when they are struggling with how to act on things.

My main inspiration was... the artist Petra Collins and her series ‘Coming of Age’.

It sounds best when... drinking wine and dancing with friends.

Listen to 'Growing Pains' by Abbie Ozard below:

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