Feature: The Anatomy of 'Hunted' with Luvia

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Brighton artist Luvia last month unveiled her new single 'Hunted'. The dazzling cinematic pop song showcases her exquisite vocals and emotive storytelling. It's exciting times for the up-and-comer, who has appearances planned soon for Leeds Festival, Liverpool Sound City, The Great Escape & Tramlines. She gives us an insight into the story behind the single.

I wrote ‘Hunted’... last Summer, based on the time when it was written it seems to represent a renewal, a reflection of life so far before moving on from it and starting anew.

The story behind 'Hunted'... is about change and evolution. In the lyrics, she starts off as a rose and eventually becomes the lion. The chorus represents the highs of life and how they can be overpowering and how you can get swept away with them whereas the desert is the low part where she seems to return. But each time the character has learnt more and has grown for these experiences. I suppose it’s a poetic representation of growing up.

My favourite lyric is... ‘I’m the lion as she hunted as she runs away from love searching for the sweetest blood just to give the sweetest rush, just a lush in the night could never give it up if I tried feel it burn in my veins yeh deep down inside,’ simply because the rhyme just came really smoothly when writing and it’s always really fun to perform.

It was made...  with Dan Swift (producer), he and I sort of burrowed away and somehow he managed to understand all of my ideas for it, they were a bit abstract to be honest but thankfully it all came together with a little bit of a Tim Burton/ Masquerade Ball type vibe.

My main inspiration was... mostly movies, any Baz Luhrmann movie. I love the way he marries modern sounds with dark and classic themes. I like to try and do a similar thing with my own music. I get really inspired by visuals and movie soundtracks and I think that’s why 'Hunted' (both song and music video) came out very cinematic.

It sounds best when... you turn it up nice and loud!

Listen to 'Hunted' by Luvia below: