Feature: The Anatomy of 'Lose Me' with Autosuggest

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Photo by Rena Zheng

Currently prepping up for the release of his debut album Tame Harm on May 24th, Autosuggest keeps on coming through with the goods, and his latest single 'Lose Me' is no exception. The track is the third to be released from the upcoming album and to celebrate its release, Autosuggest dissects it for us.

I wrote ‘Lose Me'… dicking around with a new synth and proceeding to scramble around to plug in my guitars when I realised it wasn’t terrible.

The story behind ‘Lose Me' is… essentially I built a little melody using a wave-folding synth called a 0-Coast, which effectively at the time was a brand new kind of synthesiser that hasn’t really been made before. The unconventional nature of the sound pretty much instils in the rest of the track. It became this sparse, stomping riff, and lyrics that don’t even have a chorus. It never repeats itself and just burns itself up over its very short lifespan.

My favourite lyric is… honestly…“fuck it up”. It’s my first explicit track, and as it turns out for someone that flies off the handle at all times in a casual setting, it’s just as fun in music. It’s a miracle I lasted this long without doing more really.

It was made… at the behest of Thom Muir, the director I’ve worked with for the majority of my music videos. I wasn’t really a fan of the track but when I played him the demo he lit up in a particularly dervish way, which is a great indication of hitting the mark. If you’re wondering, yes he’s done the video for this… soon...

My main inspiration was… trying to push myself as far away from my murkier, echoey tracks of my post-punk work, hounding after that short-sharp snappy goodness heard in my latest singles.

It sounds best when… you see me in a life and death situation with a microphone stand, live. Which seldom happens, so get it when you can.

Listen to 'Lose Me' by Autosuggest below: