Feature: The Anatomy of 'Meet Me At The Bar' with Rebounder

Thursday, April 25, 2019

New York's own Rebounder (the moniker of Dylan Chenfeld) this month shared his new single 'Meet Me At The Bar'. He takes us through the story of how the track came together and what drove him to create it.

I wrote ‘Meet Me At The Bar'… walking home from a bar one night. It came really quickly, I wrote the entire thing on the walk home, then I got home and found the chords and quickly made a voice memo before I passed out.

The story behind 'Meet Me At The Bar' is… I was at this bar with a few close friends. The bar was closing soon, so after hours, they would have little friends and family hangs. They had already begun construction on the front end of it, so it was semi-dilapidated, you’d walk to the back and slide a door and be in this pristine room with friends. The first time I went there with my good friend Holden Jaffe, I turned to him and said: “I feel like we're at the bar at the end of the world”. I was kind of going through a breakup situation at the time, on the walk home I started singing and before I was home it was done.

My favourite lyric is… I don’t know this is the first time I’m thinking about it…I’m probably not the best judge. I do particularly like to sing this part in the first verse live: “I haven’t found what I was looking for, I guess I’ll look a little more”

It was made… Really quick, which is tight. Usually, songs take me forever.

My main inspiration was… Heartbreak? Gentrification ruining the best bars in my city (New York)?  Longing? It wasn’t a musical idea, oh I want to make a song like this…it just happened and I quickly recorded it with this dinky synth choir setting on a keyboard.

It sounds best when… Throw one earpod in your ear throw one in your friend or lovers’, walk somewhere to the tempo of the tune..

Listen to 'Meet Me At The Bar' by Rebounder below:

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