Feature: The Anatomy of 'Pink Gelato' with Otiuh

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dynamic duo Otiuh, featuring Cesare Papa and Jahmeil Baker, have been busy prepping up for the release of their debut EP Cold Recreation, which is set to drop on April 26. Their latest single 'Pink Gelato' is a beast of a track. Cesare from the duo takes us through how the single came together.

We wrote ‘Pink Gelato'… in November of last year. We set ourselves the goal of writing (and finishing) a bunch of songs that would eventually form our EP. The song itself was actually based around Jahmeil's verse that was recycled from an old joint and sped up over a new bpm.

The story behind ‘Pink Gelato' is… new horizons, I guess. Lyrically Jahmeil's verse goes over the motions of a recent breakup and has some raw moments expressed in the intro of the track. I go into the realms of newfound desire and confidence after a split. Production and songwriting-wise Otiuh is still forming and figuring out what it is. For a good few years, we've been trying to find our sound. I think we're pretty close here.

My favourite lyric is… "This life ain't a disco won't be staying alive." I can't believe I referenced the Bee Gees on this track. For all of Jahmeil's intricate wordplay and cadence, I go and write that. Atrocious.

It was made… in the booth. The booth in the car park I work at. It was a quiet Sunday, and I decided to let myself breath and download some sample packs for some inspiration. Once I found that percussion loop and paired them with some really wonky synth sounds, I knew we had something big. The chorus actually came to me while I was driving, I had to record it onto my phone while stopped at the lights a couple days later. I sent the track to our guitarist, and he laid down some acoustic and electric riffs. A G-funk lead came last and was super fun to record over the chorus.

Our main inspiration was… definitely the forward-thinking production of some Australian artists, like (the now retired) Swindail. I wanted to create something with a modern bounce while avoiding using the 808 snare and hi-hat roll. A lot of people have mentioned Run the Jewels after hearing the track. We're huge fans.

Check out 'Pink Gelato' by Otiuh below:

Tour dates:
May 8 - The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
May 10 - Botany View Hotel, Sydney
May 12 - The B-East, Melbourne
May 18 - Jack Rabbit Slim's, Perth
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