Feature: The Anatomy of 'TMWYWB' with Byrn

Monday, April 1, 2019
Photo by Savanna Ruedy

Last year, we fell in love with Byrn's single 'High For You, and now the New York-based artist last week shared her magical new single 'TMWYWB'. Byrn's newest track was designed to blast aloud whilst getting ready for a night out and we adore it so much. You can learn more about 'TMWYWB' with Byrn below.

I wrote ‘TMWYWB’... because I met someone who was difficult to read and I started to question how well any of us really know each other. This idea spawned a flirtatious song that playfully urges a boy to let down his boundaries and embrace a possible new love.

The story behind ‘TMWYWB' is... about a girl reassuring a new love interest of her affections in order to see his vulnerable side, but soon gets lost in her own dreamlike facade.

My favourite lyric is... Wasted by the sun, I don't want just anyone / In our solar galaxy, remember baby I'm you're queen.

It was made... chorus melody first, glass of wine in hand, alone on a Brooklyn rooftop.

My main inspiration was... The summer sky and a boy who wouldn't cry.

It sounds best when... In headphones on a beach in Fiji, probably.

Listen to 'TMWYWB' by Byrn below: