Feature: The Anatomy of 'Yeah, I Got Sick' with O. Girdler

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Photo by Amelia Eve

Last week, O. Girdler unveiled his debut single 'Yeah, I Got Sick'. The song tackles self-doubt and closure, and is an introspective offering by the London-based artist. Learn more about the single from the man himself below.

I wrote ‘Yeah, I Got Sick'… about three years ago in roughly half an hour, probably sitting in my pants. The guitar hook came first, admittedly listening to a lot of R.E.M and Deerhunter at the time.. Lyrics followed quickly, which I sporadically tweaked.

After a couple of failed recording attempts due to either not quite getting it right or maybe a crisis of confidence, I made this recording experience about being with friends, involving good enthusiastic people who don’t take themselves seriously, committing to the experience of being there and simply making music in a healthy spontaneous way. I think it’s a good simple tune and the charm of it is in its making.

The story behind ‘Yeah, I Got Sick' is… that accepting defeat and opening yourself up to help is difficult and that there’s strength and optimism in having nothing to lose, love can capture that. It’s less about the story, since it landed on a new feeling once I felt in my right self.

My favourite lyric is… "yeah, I got sick and yeah things got loud full of make belief".

It was made… with love.

My main inspiration was… progress.

It sounds best when… listened to loud on headphones, prefrabely in the sun with eyes open and a full tummy of food!

Listen to 'Yeah, I Got Sick' by O. Girdler below:

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UK Live Dates:
April 30th - London UK, The Islington w/Benedict Benjamin
May 7th - Birmingham UK, Hare & Hounds w/Pregoblin
May 25th - London UK, The Victoria w/Doobie Fontaine