Feature: The Ingredients of Heartstream with Dominique Tey

Monday, April 29, 2019
Photo by Ninja Hanna

Up-and-coming Alt-R&B queen Dominique Tey shared her debut EP Heartstream via Norwegian tastemakers Toothfairy Records recently and it's a must-listen. Spanning five tracks of pure goodness, Heartstream is a stunning release from the Stockhom-based artist. She takes us through some of the things that inspired her when working on the EP.

Last year I travelled to Japan for two weeks and I totally fell in love. Everything about the country was amazing; the people, culture, nature, spirituality, and the food. Literally everything. The culture in Tokyo was nothing like I’d ever experienced before. I also visited Kyoto and stayed at a temple, which had been on my bucket list for a long time. I had the privilege of meditating with monks and took time to do some self-reflection. I was also greatly inspired by Nara, the city of temples, gardens, and sacred deer.

At fifteen years old, I was blown away by Björk's music and her ability to be her own artist. She has always been able to do her own thing and create her own world. I look up to her because, throughout her career, she has stood her ground and refused to compromise when it comes to her unique vision. In my opinion, her music is as relevant today as it was ten years ago. I saw her perform at the Hollywood Bowl in LA and was completely awestruck by her creative performance.

Wes Anderson 
As an avid fan of unconventional and eccentric movies, I like to take the feeling I get from watching a film and incorporate it into my songs. Wes Anderson is arguably one of my favourite directors because while he pays so much attention to the colours, characters, and dialogue, there is always an underlying theme of tragic comedy. When I watch his movies, I feel as though I enter into his imaginary world. I feel as though I have a similar creative process when writing my songs since I aim to create my own world.

Persian Poetry
Like most Persian families, my house was centred around poetry. Every Persian home has a book by the poet Hafez, which was used for guidance and comfort. My dad often read poetry to us while we were growing up. One of my most cherished memories is when my dad would read poetry by Rumi to me before I fell asleep.

One of the places where I find inspiration for writing is a small island off the coast of Sweden called Öddö. It’s a very peaceful place surrounded by the ocean and beautiful crooked pine trees. Since I live in Stockholm, it is nice to be able to come to a nature sanctuary and escape the stress of the city.

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