Feature: The Ingredients of Terrible Things That Could Happen with Junodream

Saturday, April 27, 2019
Photo by Ned Botwood

London-via-Bristol band Junodream has unveiled their impressive debut EP Terrible Things That Could Happen. Home to 90s tinged indie rock, enticing rhythms and emotive lyrics, the three-track EP is one you'll instantly fall in love with. The band recently took some time out to share some of the things that led to the EP.

The Cottage
When we started Junodream, we spent weeks hidden in a cottage in the middle of nowhere writing and recording. There’s nothing quite like five dudes thrashing it out together, intimate doesn’t do it justice. Anyway, we wrote a load of songs, some which didn’t hit the money and others which did. All the tracks on this EP came at a similar time and naturally worked together. All hail the cottage.

Car Journeys
As a band, we spend a lot of time on long car journeys. You can’t really do anything except listen to Radio 4 or talk to other passengers. The best part: there’s no escape, so if you find yourself in an argument you can’t run away from it (think When Harry Met Sally). It’s an interesting topic for lyrics because it’s so banal, yet loads can happen. Terrible Things is all about a tense car journey between a couple: one person is in a foul mood and the other is getting more and more frustrated. So yeah, car journeys.

Ned Botwood
Ned is our oldest friend (95 this year!!) and unofficial 6th member of the band. He’s also an insanely talented filmmaker and photographer (double-win). He’s always creating video concepts for our songs and making us look more handsome than we actually are. Thanks, Ned, you rock.

In the same year, Shaggy became Mr Bombastic, a good portion of Junodream was born. The nostalgic baggage continues to weigh heavy. We take a lot of inspiration from 90s artists so we've got to pay homage here to our favourite artists: Weezer, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Beck <3. Also the year of the pig (oink).

Photo by Ned Botwood

You can listen to their single 'Sweet Nothing' below:

Stream their EP Terrible Things That Could Happen: