Feature: Step Inside Hanne Mjøen's Creative Place

Friday, April 19, 2019
Photo by Mads Suhr Pettersen

Norway's Hanne Mjøen is an artist on the rise. Her latest offering 'On Thing Left To Do' is a dreamy house tune with Dutch DJ duo Deepend. She gives us an insight into her unique creative process and the love she has for mood boards to help with songwriting.


I feel like the process of what inspires me is ongoing. I pick up on situations and emotions all the time, and sometimes I even dream and wake up feeling the urge to write down some lines or lyrical concepts. I’m constantly writing in sessions with other people, and most of the time the song lyrics develop by the melody or the vibe in the instrumental.

In writing sessions, I like to read poems and look at mood boards I’ve put together. This one contains a lot of glossy shiny surfaces, but also distance and repressed emotions. There are so many songs in these pictures for me.

It made me think of how we always look back at memories with people who aren't in your life anymore, only remembering the good parts, and kind of trying to preserve them (with the plastic pictures) and keeping them alive in dreams and pictures. Or how you’re moving on and changing, living your best life in pictures and hiding behind makeup, but still feeling lost and having an emptiness inside.

It also made me think of the process of being less and less important to someone because you’re changing and drifting apart. How you see each other move on, how the talks that used to be deep and meaningful turns into an awkward “hi” at a random party.

A mood board by Hanne

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