Interview: A Q&A with Jade Bird

Friday, April 19, 2019

To say that Jade Bird is having a huge year would be an understatement. Today she shares her highly anticipated self-titled debut album, and to celebrate its release, she did a little q&a for us. The album takes listeners on a delicate journey throughout various stages of her life. Quiet and meditative tracks like 'What Am I Here For', '17' and 'If I Die' will cover you in chills, whilst 'Side Effects' and 'Going Gone' will have you moving. With an album as good as her debut offering, it's no surprise that she's taking over the world.

You’ve been doing a lot of travelling lately, what have been some of your most memorable stops on the tour?

New Orleans! It’s an incredible incredible place like time hasn’t gotten to it in a great way. We saw some real dive spots and met some fascinating characters.

What do you enjoy about touring and travelling with your music?

That’s you see/meet something/someone new every single place you go , and you get to share a piece of yourself with them too.

How long did it take to work on your debut album? What was the process like?

Probably 2 years all in all. It was staggered between about 5 1-2 week sessions, I’d write go up with the songs and we’d build the worlds around them.

Where did you work on the album?

Upstate NY, in a place called Rhinebeck a few miles out of Woodstock.

How did you keep track of your ideas when working on the project?

Notebooks! I write all the time so a notebook is always good to have, when I have time to just pick up my guitar or sit at the piano.

We read that ‘My Motto’ was written whilst in the shower, apart from that, where’s the most interesting place you’ve written a song?

Hmm... we went to Mexico City in February, stayed in a hotel and watched the city and made a voice memo, it was quite sweet.

What have you got coming up next?

Tours!! Lots of tours!! Festivals and sessions, just spreading the music really in whatever way I can.

Listen to her debut album below:

Watch her recent performance on Jimmy Fallon below:

Watch her video for 'My Motto':