Now Playing: Alfie Templeman – 'Stop Thinking (About Me)'

Friday, April 19, 2019
Photo by Blackksocks

Alfie Templeman may be a teenager, but he's certainly one to watch this year. His newest single 'Stop Thinking (About Me)' follows in the footsteps of his 2018 debut EP Like An Animal.

Along with being a very talented songwriter, Alfie plays every instrument that appears on 'Stop Thinking (About Me)'. Apparently, he has over 20 instruments laying around at home that he works with, which is pretty damn cool. The track was also self-produced in his bedroom studio in Bedfordshire.

On the track, he said, "It’s quite an angry track, both musically and lyrically. I was really interested in something a bit more fierce, more upbeat and R&B oriented. A lot of my previous song lyrics are about being disillusioned and anxious about things such as relationships going wrong so I decided to pair this very angsty song with disheartened lyrics, as if I were fed up of being messed around with by someone I thought I was in love with."

'Stop Thinking (About Me)' stars an unshakeable rhythm and psychedelic hued insturmetals, making it a tune that will give you everything that you need.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Listen to 'Stop Thinking (About Me)' below:

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