Now Playing: Blue Velvet – 'Soggy Cereal'

Monday, April 15, 2019

Blue Velvet are kicking off their 2019 with their brand new single 'Soggy Cereal'.  The release of their single follows in the footsteps of their sophomore EP A Lesson In Regression, which scored a lot of love around the country.

Samuel Beauermeister, who is the vocalist of the group, said on the track, "Writing this song ended up being this weird self-exorcism and helped me realise that I sort of need to get my shit together in life. This track is all about dramatically jumping through your comfort zone and actually celebrating and encouraging new aspects in your life."

If you're in Newtown this Saturday (April 20th), you can catch Blue Velvet at The Botany View Hotel, where they're playing a free show.

Listen to 'Soggy Cereal' by Blue Velvet below: