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Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Photo by Sara Saeidi

Norweigan pop artist Lil Halima continues to make waves, and this time it's with her mesmerising new track 'who do you love'. The track is set to appear on her upcoming EP for the bright days, out on May 24th.

The soaring single is perfect for those moments when you're feeling down. She said, "'who do u love’ is a song I made to remind myself that I’m blessed in such a way that, even when I’m feeling very down, I can remind myself of who I love. And I think it’s just such a nice question to ask, “Who do you love?” It makes me happy to realize that I have so much love in me, and it makes me feel worthy.” Featuring utterly stunning vocals, 'who do you love' is an unforgettable track and one you'll be playing on repeat for hours.

Her upcoming EP is a conceptual counterpart to her previous release for the dark days, both inspired by Norway's seasons. "I wanted to dedicate two EPs to the two seasons we have back home. Music that resonates with the type of music I would listen to, depending on the season. Since my home is above the polar circle, we have complete darkness during winter and a sun that never goes down during summer. I released for the dark days a while back, and now I’m back with for the bright days…for the bright days.”

Before you're dazzled by her EP next month, check out 'who do you love' below.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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