Now Playing: Whethan x Bearson – 'Win You Over' (Feat. Soak)

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The combination of Chicago producer Whethan, Norweigan talent Bearson and the one-and-only SOAK is what dreams are made of. 'Win You Over' is a disco dance-pop jam that oozes cool and confidence, with each artist shining in their own right.

'Win You Over' is a smooth yet eutrophic track designed to fill a room with a sea of dancing bodies. As always, Soak's vocals are truly stunning and are able to glide over the beats with ease. The repetition of the words 'If I try, can I win you over?' will ring through your mind for hours. The production for the track is well-balanced, with no element appearing out of place or out of harmony.

Press play and let this talented trio of humans take you to another world with 'Win You Over'.

Listen to 'Win You Over' (ft. Soak) by Whethan x Bearson below: