Album Review: The Amazons – Future Dust

Monday, May 27, 2019
Photo by Alex Lake

A band's sophomore album is a major moment in their discography — However, there are no second album blues for Reading band The Amazons on their brand new release Future Dust. Their new album is a mature and authentic offering by the band, and one that sees them finally make their mark — though they've been building momentum the last few years since their self-titled debut album, Future Dust finally sees them arrive in mighty style.

In our interview with The Amazons at SXSW in March, frontman Matt Thomson said on the album, "The second album feels like the start of something for me. It feels like the start of a journey. I felt like there was a wall that we had to push through, and now with the second album, as individuals and as a band, it’s been more of a creative journey exploring new music and exploring different sounds and then feeding that into us as musicians."

It's obvious that they took time with their sophomore album to find the direction that they wanted to take the record and their sound going forward. They've found a grittiness, and have taken their sound further than anything they've presented before.

Future Dust sees the band create a sound that's reminiscent of classic rock and roll — but they do this in a way that's authentic when they could have easily fallen into the trap of creating a cheap imitation. The album opens up with 'Mother', which is a ferocious number with a slow-burning build-up. Through a distorted riff, rolling drums and a powerful chorus, they kick off the album on fire. The words are open and honest, "But I'm crawling out of the ceiling / I'm tired of bowing to preachers all the time." Following in its footsteps is 'Fuzzy Tree', which is just as blazing. Towards the end of the album 'End of Wonder' oozes confidence. The track is about the pressure people put themselves, especially in regards to body image — "but your mind is deceiving / you are wasting away". The album's closer 'Georgia' has an Americana flavour — though the song is bold and ambitious, the risk pays off for the band.

Their sophomore album also sees them embrace a sound that's gritty and abrasive. 'Doubt It' features a dose of QOTSA but with The Amazons' unique stamp on it. It's alluring and enticing, with their dizzying guitar lines leaving you stunned.

Along with presenting a sound that's different from anything they've done before, they don't leave The Amazons' of old for dead. 'All Over Town' is reminiscent of their previous work, but more mature and polished — it's all-consuming, anthemic and truly exquisite.

If you're questioning the state of rock and roll in 2019, you can stop, The Amazons are here to save the day.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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