Album Review: The Ninth Wave – Infancy Part 1

Friday, May 3, 2019

On Infancy Part 1, The Ninth Wave has unveiled a project not driven by the influence of a certain origin sound, but one that’s driven by emotions and stirring observations. Though the Glasgow-based duo has been closely aligned with ‘goth-pop’, it’s impossible to box them into one sub-genre. They present stories driven by fear, self-doubt and frustration. The songs featuring on the album are not only sublime, but they also make you feel something real and familiar.

The opening track ‘This Broken Design’ is a bursting introduction to the album. Haydn Park-Patterson’s vocals are desperately searching for release — once the track reaches the chorus, the vocals appear like a call into the wild, with the depth of the backing instrumentals amplifying Haydn’s expressive vocals further. ‘Used to Be Yours’ leads with the vocals of Millie Kidd. The track captures feelings of desolation, especially when struggling to break away from a relationship that has reached its end. The words, “Alone, with the hope in your eyes / Pacified by my lies / I land back in your arms / But I’ve never felt so alone,” are met by a series of racing and escalating synths.

‘Half Pure’ interrogates the questionable views and actions of society and the vainness that sometimes drives it. The lyrics, “Don’t you want to know what you bred for?” are striking. Their displeasure towards the toxicity of the world is channelled on various levels on the track — including through their explosive drums and erupting vocal harmonies. The track ends fittingly in a state of disarray with an insurgence of frenzied and thrashing drums. Following is ‘All the Things We Do’, which is a reflection of a continuous ‘modern disease’. ‘All the Things We Do’ is another open and compelling musing of the human psyche partnered with entrancing beats. ‘Goodbye to the People Who Said I’d Win’ is home to chilling beats and even fiercer lyrics.

‘First Encounters’ closes out part one of Infancy, marking a soaring ending to the album. The song portrays that uncontrollable boiling feeling internally when you’re on the verge of dismantling. Along with their moving vocal harmonies, the emotionally driven percussion arrangements represent the bubbling feeling described lyrically.

The Ninth Wave’s first offering of Infancy is an eloquent examination of society exactly as they see it. Listeners will be deeply moved by the poignant words expressed across the course of the album.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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Live dates:
May 5th - Stag & Dagger Festival, Glasgow
May 7th - MTC, Cologne (with The Blinders)
May 8th- Molotow Skybar, Hamburg (with The Blinders)
May 9th - Cassiopeia, Berlin (with The Blinders)
May 10th - May 11th - The Great Escape Festival, Brighton

Infancy Part 2 is due for release on November 15th