Album Review: whenyoung – Reasons To Dream

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Irish trio whenyoung present a body of work that captures human wonderings and thoughts in their purest and rawest form on their debut album Reasons To Dream. The intimate album sees the band reflect on change, loss and hope — as well as how dreaming can lift us from the darkest of places.

Reasons To Dream features internal thoughts that are relatable and moving. The album opens with 'Pretty Pure', which is an energetic and anthemic slice of pop. The track is catchy and is home to a chorus that will draw you in instantly. 'Pretty Pure' is reminiscent of a feeling that crawls beyond the surface. This charged up opening presents the backdrop for the rest of the album. 'Never Let Go' is a gut-wrenching yet soaring number inspired by mental health. The track captures one's search for release amongst the darkness. 'You're Grand' is another example of their skill of crafting a song that is enwrapped in introspective lyrics, but is also catchy. Inspired by the loss of a friend, 'Future' explores the emotional aftermath. Appearing towards the end of the album 'Blank Walls' is another erupting song designed to be blasted aloud. Standout words include, "If you try, you might cry, you won't die, you might cry." Across many instances on Reasons To Dream, whenyoung are able to explore fragile moments and feelings and turn them into something that's utterly beautiful.

Though they've proved that they can create power anthems, the trio also shows that they can also craft spinetingling ballads too. 'A Labour Of Love' marks a change of pace for the band. A memorable moment in the track is Aoife Power's striking spoken word passage that's beaming with words of hope and light. 'Blow Up The World' is a mesmerising song that will give you chills, especially with words such as "so blow up the world, break it in pieces / it will keep turning round." The ever-so-tender 'Something Sweet', which closes out the album, is another slow-burner that will give you goosebumps.

As heard in 'Blow Up The World', the album also sees them channel not only the internal battles humans face but the ways the world and society leave us feeling afraid and helpless. 'The Others', which appears early on in the album, was inspired by the tragic loss of life after the Grenfell Tower fire. 'The Others' is also an open statement about how human neglect will cause this to happen again — "Tell your kids that nothing's equal / Even in a land like this / Ignorance is peaceful / Mouldy ceilings / Burnt out."

Reasons To Dream is a release that will remain etched in your mind — whenyoung have poured everything they have into the album and the result is a listening experience that's unforgettable.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

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