Feature: The Anatomy of 'Away' with Benji Lewis

Friday, May 3, 2019

LA-based Benji Lewis just dropped his brand new single 'Away', which was produced by his good friend Golden Vessel (Max Byrne). His new single is a warm and beautiful track that will make you feel good instantly. Benji took some time to share the origins of 'Away' with us.

I wrote ‘Away'… the week following my first appearance at SXSW in March 2018. It was in a session with my friend Max aka Golden Vessel in LA. I was definitely already feeling a little tired after SXSW and this session was in the middle of other full days in the studio with other producers.

The story behind ‘Away' is… is a moment of my life captured in a song, of wanting to be able to do it all and find that balance of working hard, enjoying your life and always feeling in control and free. That is how I like to live my life. Day to day, it is always up to me. However, I definitely understand that to have all that freedom and good that life has to offer, you also have to put in the work. But not letting it ever lean more to that side I guess, for me, I will always want to get away, travel, spend time with my family and friends, experience new things and shake it up. Wanting to feel alive and be living.

My favourite lyric is… “All I can hear, Inside, outside. Will it phase me, Turn out, I’m away.” For me, it’s such a strong feeling and these words really describe all the sensations that my body was going through and wanting. GET OUTSIDE, GO LIVE. So really my body, mind and everything was screaming for balance, more living. 

I also really like “Need a beat, gotta catch my breath.” Knew I wanted an actual beat break there for that moment to give the full effect. Really wanting a beat, a break to chill and catch your breath.

It was made… with my friend Max aka Golden Vessel who has done my last two EPs with me. This one we did in a few hours, a lot of the music we’ve written together comes super naturally. Think we’ve got a good vibe in the studio, comfortable with each other and bounce really sweet ideas here and there while we create.

My main inspiration was… would be as usual, my life, my feelings and my friends. Where I was at that day, and being able to be in a session with a friend who I trust and feel super comfortable with. This story and the feelings I was having wanted to get out and they did. Happy it came out as a lifting and fun getaway song. That’s what it feels like for me.

It sounds best when… you can play it on some good speakers, say at a comfy drinks sesh, with friends, or when you’re walking down the street with your headphones in and the sun is shining. It’ll give you that good bop to your walk. Also in the car, driving away to anywhere, whether it’s a solo road trip by the coast away from the city or with friends in the car taking in and enjoying the good moments.

Listen to 'Away' by Benji Lewis below: