Feature: The Anatomy of 'A Change Of Heart' with Las Aves

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Photo by Victoria Hespel, Lucien Krampf

French trio Las Aves have followed up their catchy last single 'You Need A Dog' with their recently released track 'A Change Of Heart'. Géraldine Baux from the group dives into the story behind the single for us below.

We wrote ‘A Change Of Heart'… after I received a text from my ex even though we agreed not to text anymore.

The story behind ‘A Change Of Heart' is… a bittersweet 2019's romantic turnaround. Nowadays, you can discover the worst news looking at your phone. Scrolling with despair to check if it's real or not. How do you deal with your emotions when you're just staring at that blue light with nobody in the flesh to get angry at?

My favourite lyric is… from the Catalan poem that I read at the end of the song: “Res no és mesquí, perquè la cançó canta en cada bri de cosa”. 

It means: ”Nothing is miserly, because there's a song in each wisp of a thing”. That resumes pretty much the state of mind we were into when making the album: gathering the ashes of our fucked up love stories and making it into something beautiful to our own eyes.

It was made… between a laptop and a smartphone, batteries always running low.

Our main inspiration was… that breaking point you reach, when you know for certain that your relationship is over. It's as much pain as it is a relief. Because you know you're ready to move on and explore a new world of opportunities.

It sounds best when… you're in a bar with your best friends, you had a couple of drinks and you ask the bartender to put on a song.

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