Feature: The Anatomy of 'Crazy' with Effee

Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Photo by Kara Smarsh

At the end of April, Effee unveiled her smooth new single 'Crazy'. The single is set to appear on her upcoming debut EP Boring Without You, which is due for release on May 30th. Effee took some time out to break down her single 'Crazy' for us.

I wrote 'Crazy'... last Summer with Jon Santana down in Nashville. I was playing around with Jon's Omnichord and he started laying down those chords on the Juno and the song flowed out in about an hour.

The story behind ‘Crazy' is… I write a lot of sad songs. For some reason, I usually write when I'm feeling down or stressed or sad. That, in turn, leaves me with a lot of unhappy songs. I had been wanting to write this love song — one about how life can be insane & rough but one person can completely override that. You can be broke and ready to give up but if you're going through it with someone you love, it makes everything so much better. 'Crazy' became that song.

My favorite lyric is... "We might have nothing but you feel like home."

It was made… with the amazingly talented Jon Santana. He's a writer/producer down in Nashville and we met for the first time the morning we wrote 'Crazy'. I rang his doorbell at about 11am and I think it was around 2pm that we decided to go grab some lunch because we already had the demo pretty fleshed out. He has some fun toys that ended up on the song — the Omnichord is the twinkly bell sound you hear at the beginning (and throughout the entire song) and he has this incredible Juno that's featured in the track. I love that it turned into this groovy R&B love song

My main inspiration was… Bazzi and King Princess. I had listened to the (then) new King Princess EP the whole car ride from Columbus to Nashville that day and I think Bazzi had just released his album a few months prior. I love the vocal layers on the King Princess stuff. And a lot of the melodic rhythms in Crazy definitely stemmed from having that Bazzi album on repeat.

It sounds best when… slow dancing with someone you love in a dimly lit room.

Listen to 'Crazy' by Effee below:

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