Feature: The Anatomy of 'Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me' with Husky Loops

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Photo by Henry Gill

London-via-Bologna trio Husky Loops last week shared their brand new single 'Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me'. Along with the new single, they also announced that they're set to drop their debut album I CAN’T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH on August 16th via Fighting Ourselves/30th Century Records, as well as a series of UK/Europe tour dates. Danio from Husky Loops took some time out to share the story behind 'Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me' with us.

We wrote ‘Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me'… literally the week before going to the studio to record the rest of the album. I (Danio) had the string idea and the groove in my head, demoed it and wrote the melody and the hook straight after. When I brought the sketch to the guys in the studio that was pretty much the second or third time they’ve heard that song. They played on top of my demo and pretty much smashed it so we decided to put it in the album.

The story behind ‘Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me' is… we always wanted a song where vocals and concept are in front. We usually prioritise the arrangement or the groove. “When I Come Home” is probably the only other song that has that effect. This song used to be called “Everyone Is Having Fun But But But me”, then our friend Fred Again came to the studio to help with the song and said “surely you want to sing “Fun Fun Fun!”, so we changed the lyrics and the title. He also helped with some of the more UK garage and electronic sonic aspects of the song.

My favourite lyric is… “You are just fine with having half, you know it’s fake but it’s a laugh, Cherry Cola is good enough”.

It was made… at EastCote Studios, West London.

Our main inspiration was… 'Bittersweet Symphony' by The Verve, UK garage.

It sounds best when… it’s played super loud in a club at 4.30 am.

Listen to 'Everyone Is Having Fun Fun Fun But Me':


Tour dates:
October 9th - Jimmy’s, Manchester
October 10th - Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
October 11th - Blue Arrow, Glasgow
October 12th - Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
October 16th - Bermondsey Social Club, London
October 19th - Joiners, Southampton
October 23rd - Molotow, Hamburg
October 24th - Maze Club, Berlin
October 26th - Rotown, Rotterdam
October 27th - Paradiso, Amsterdam
October 29th - Supersonic, Paris
October 30th - Kater, Zurich
More information and tickets here

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