Feature: The Anatomy of 'EX' with Ojikae

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Melbourne's Ojikae recently shared 'EX', which is a song about lust and heartbreak. The track was originally released as a demo called 'Existentiality' in 2017 and was then reworked alongside Grammy award nominee Uno Stereo. Learn more about 'EX' with Ojikae below.

I wrote ‘EX'… when I was 17 and super infatuated with a girl. Had my wisdom teeth taken out a weekend after we were at a house party together, so I was full of endones and emotions. Wrote 'EX' ( the demo ) in 30 minutes. And after all this time and some refining and revision, we've come to what 'EX' is now.

The story behind ‘EX'... After I wrote 'EX' and released it, I had a lot of positive feedback from everyone on Soundcloud, locally and even got on Isaiah Rashad's Soulection episode. After this, I signed to my current management / Record label Outpost which opened a lot up for me. After 2 years of building and growing, they put me in a session with Nic ( Uno Stereo ) and we finished the original demo.

My favourite lyric is… I can't let you own me. Just really sums up how you feel when your feelings for a certain someone consume your whole being haha.

It was made… when I stumbled across an Ableton project with a G major 7 on a Rhodes patch and nothing else, finished the chords in midi ( normally I write them on piano but I was tired and on endones). Produced a quick beat for it and wrote and sung the melodies right after. Released that and then reproduced it and finished the structure with UNO STEREO (Nic Martin).

My main inspiration was… At the time, I was listening to a lot of Jamie Foxx's stand up specials where he sings on a piano, a lot of Jodeci and Frank Ocean's Nostalgia Ultra was on repeat. Probably my early Donny Hathaway days too.

It sounds best when… you are in your bedroom with someone you want to express certain feelings and emotions with...

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