Feature: The Anatomy of 'Fuckboy' with BAUM

Friday, May 10, 2019
Photo by Sabrina Santiago

Alt-pop singer/songwriter BAUM recently unveiled her single 'Fuckboy', which is her first release since debut EP Ungodly in 2018. To celebrate the release of the single, BAUM dives into the backstory behind 'Fuckboy' for us.

I wrote ‘Fuckboy'… about a year ago after I got back from a very short opening tour on the east coast and had just released my first project.

The story behind ‘Fuckboy' is… I was newly single and truly didn’t have it in me to write another song about being broken-hearted. I just wanted to write a song I could dance to and feel empowered by.

My favourite lyric is… “but it’s cool cuz I’m a Fuckboy too”. It’s a bit of a surprise I guess. I think if I were listening to the song I wouldn’t assume it was going to take that turn. It’s like “I tricked you” lol.

It was made… as a collab with Michelle Buzz and The Orphanage.

My main inspiration was… a lot of records I was listening to at the time, mainly by strong women. I was listening to a lot of Charli XCX, MØ, Christine and the Queens.

It sounds best when… it’s played very loudly and maybe you’re running or driving or pissed off.

Listen to 'Fuckboy' by BAUM below:

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