Feature: The Anatomy of 'Ghost Poke' with FRITZ

Thursday, May 2, 2019
Photo by Jason Doan

Fresh from signing with Break Even Recordings, Newcastle's FRITZ has shared her brand new single 'Ghost Poke'. It's been a busy start to the year for FRITZ, who played SXSW in Austin, as well as the Sydney leg of Laneway Festival and Groovin the Moo Maitland. To celebrate the release of the single, Tilly Murphy takes us through the story behind 'Ghost Poke'.

I wrote ‘Ghost Poke'... last year around the same time I wrote my previous single 'Summer Holiday'. It came together really quickly when I wrote it, and for me, that’s a really good sign because if I spend too long on a song I usually end up not liking it. We’ve been playing it live for that long too so it’s good to have it out!

The story behind ‘Ghost Poke' is... the feeling of loneliness, when no one wants to be around me...so classic! It’s about how I sometimes feel like friends only talk to me when they need to, and like I’m not wanted unless they ask something of me. It’s a strange feeling to have and it’s kinda all in my head, but I tend to overthink everything and think everyone doesn’t like me hahahah. But really, it's a mix of so many emotions, happiness and sadness. It’s a big bowl of all my feelings at the time I was writing it.

My favourite lyric is... “everything feels faded it’s not like it used to be. Don’t you dare worry, I’m older now I’m sorry”. I’m a very nostalgic person and often think about my past as being a better time. I miss not worrying about what people think of me. It’s something that’s come with age though, and hopefully one day I’ll grow out of it.

It was made... ummm I actually can’t recall at all where I was at in life when I wrote it. I don’t remember off the top of my head which month or anything which is strange for me because I usually remember these things so well (I have moods each month so usually I can pick it by month hahahaha). I remember being so stoked on the lead riff though, I was like “this is the coolest riff I’ve written”. And I thought it was funny how it’s all power chords too because I’ve never written a song like that. I liked its energy and that’s why I wanted to release it as a single! I think it really shows who I am as an artist.

My main inspiration was... LIFE! (peace sign). No, but really...I was listening to a lot of bands like No Age and Black Tambourine last year which made me inspired to write something noisy and quite chaotic but then the inner pop princess in me gave it some...bubbly flair...you know...like sherbet (the lolly not the band omg).

It sounds best when... you’re listening to it (loud) in your car driving to Coles to buy ice cream. With the windows down...like in the movies.

Listen to 'Ghost Poke' by FRITZ below:

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