Feature: The Anatomy of 'i used to' with imbi the girl

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Sydney-based imbi the girl joins forces with Perth group SUPEREGO and the result is the utterly dazzling 'i used to'. It's been a busy couple of years for imbi the girl, who has made appearances at many major festivals such as BIGSOUND, Listen Out, and Laneway. To celebrate the single and their upcoming tour, imbi the girl took some time to give us an insight behind 'i used to'.

I wrote ‘i used to’... because I needed to move away from toxic thought patterns and putting it on paper really helps me with that process.

The reason I wrote ‘i used to' is... because I was stuck. I saw myself perpetuating these really gross, self-sabotaging behaviours and couldn’t really get out it. I knew something had to change and one of my main forms of processing comes through writing. One day while in Perth hanging out with SUPEREGO, it just came to me. Through recording that song and spending the day working on it, I really believe it helped me shift a lot of that murky behavioural stuff.

My favourite lyric... is probably the chorus, “I used to feel like I’m tripping, not gripping but slipping through distant rooms. Never again”. It’s all a major affirmation for myself and anyone who connects to remind us that we have moved through so much and will continue to grow. It’s also a declaration that I won’t fall back into those bad habits, that I have moved through that stage of my life, processed it all and come out the other side stronger and more aligned than ever.

It was made... in Perth! I was there in September and really wanted to meet up with SUPEREGO. As soon as I got there, I knew we’d be leaving that hang out with something really special :)

My main inspiration... was my own process. I practice radical authentic and self-love every damn day and as a result, I’m constantly inspired by my own existence. I mean it’s all pretty special, isn’t it? Don’t you feel the same about yourself?

It sounds best... whenever. It’s a great track and if you’re moving through some old, murky shit, it can hopefully help you through the process.

Listen to 'i used to' (ft SUPEREGO) by imbi the girl:

Tour dates:
June 20th - The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
June 22nd - The Workers Club, Melbourne
June 28th - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
More info is available here 

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