Feature: The Anatomy of 'love, herself.' with Lili Kendall

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Late in April, Australian-born and LA-based Lili Kendall shared her enchanting new single 'love, herself.'. With plans of releasing her debut album later on in 2019, 'love, herself.' is an exciting preview of what's to come. Learn more about the story behind 'love, herself.' with Lili Kendall below.

I wrote ‘love, herself.'… about the divine energy within us all and around us all that is love, herself.

The story behind ‘love, herself.' is… I was having a fight with my boyfriend at the time, and when I got to the session we started having a discussion about being almost addicted to falling in and out of love, I had a perspective that sometimes I am more in love with love than the person themselves (oop). I originally sang it as “I am in love with love, itself” and I just started singing herself instead, personifying love as this beautiful feminine energy that is within us all.

My favourite lyric is… probably the lyrics in the prechorus: "guess that’s the thing about love / gets you when you’re not waiting for it come to you / don’t let them cheapen your love / you can give it all to yourself if you want to / Yes that’s the thing about love / gets you when you’re not waiting for it come to you / there’s no to reason love / it just is, and will be forever, hallelujah"

It was made… in August last year with my good friend and producer, SLMN, during a split second of clarity in regards to my love for others and my love for self. love is unexplainable, it has no reason, at the same time it is the reason for everything.

My main inspiration was… love, herself.

It sounds best when… you open a bottle and vibe out to it with a couple of friends.

Check out 'love, herself.' by Lili Kendall below:

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