Feature: The Anatomy of 'Rumours' with Archy Stranger

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Melbourne-based producer, vocalist and songwriter Archy Stranger recently shared his debut single 'Rumours'. After spending a number of years collaborating and working with others, he's ready to showcase what he can do. He recently took some time out to share the story behind the single for us.

I wrote ‘Rumours'... probably about 3 years ago. It changed a lot through that time and went through quite a few different versions and a few alternative hooks. But I got the final version with the help of producer Ross James.

The story behind ‘Rumours’ is…  kind of about not believing everything you hear and not taking everything at face value. I think this can apply to so many different things and situations.

My favourite lyric is… “the truth’s divine”

It was made… predominantly in my bedroom studio at home on my laptop. But I recorded the vocals and few extra synth parts at Ross James’ studio.

My main inspiration… Musically, the song started while I was playing an upright piano I have at home. I used my iPhone to make some recordings of a few chords and those same recordings ended up being used in the final track. The lyrics came, later on, I was really interested in the concept of how a rumour starts, and the distortion of a message going from person to person.

It sounds best when… listening through headphones. There’s a lot of layers and small details instrumentally and to pick them all up, headphones are the best bet.

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