Feature: The Anatomy of 'Silver' with Misty Mtn

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
Photo by Karen Santos

Brooklyn-based duo Misty Mtn, featuring Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall, last week shared their brand new single 'Silver'. The dreamy track features enchanting vocals as well as hypnotic instrumentals and production. With their debut EP Missed Your Call set for release next week (May 9th), they take us through their single 'Silver'.

We wrote ‘Silver’… with the intention to write a “sexy” song.

The story of ‘Silver’… we had a lot of really great songs ready for our debut EP (out May 9!) but nothing that felt “sexy”. Which for us is more like a feeling, like a grit, an edginess that you feel deep inside. We talked a lot about this idea of “Mercury in Retrograde” affecting your daily life or blaming your behavior on your astrological sign, and we thought that would be a really cool idea to run with.

My favorite lyric is...
Morissa: “shadows, appear and then they leave”
Lucas: “whisper through our teeth”

It was made… a little differently than our other songs, which we usually start with guitar demos. Over the past few months, we’d been experiencing a bit of writer's block, so we decided to switch it up and start with the synths and some basic production elements. A lot of it came together in the first session, and we just pushed full-steam ahead into what we thought it could be. While Lucas was working on the production (even recording some flute!), Morissa was looking up pictures and old folklore about the moon just letting herself be inspired. It was a really cool process for us. We did the whole track in our home studio and then sent it off to our friend Justin Gerrish (who’s worked with Vampire Weekend and a ton of other cool artists), who mixed the track at his studio in Brooklyn. He really got what we were going for and pushed it to the next level.

Our main inspiration was… the moon and the outdoors, and visuals we were able to pull from our own travels and the internet.

It sounds best when… it’s dark outside, and the moon is in full glow.

Listen to 'Silver' by Misty Mtn below:

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