Feature: The Anatomy of 'Vacancy' with Havelock

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

After growing up in the countryside in Kent, Havelock made his way to London three years ago to chase his dreams. His track 'Vacancy' was inspired by his experiences of sofa-surfing and working tedious hours as a waiter. Learn more about the story behind 'Vacancy' with Havelock below.

I wrote and recorded ‘Vacancy'... in one day with the talented Oscar Scheller. It was the first day we ever met. We're both cut from the same cloth cos deep down we're little indie kids, so the conception of the tune happened very seamlessly, like a second nature. We became very good mates immediately.

The story behind ‘Vacancy' is… I wrote it about working long shifts for jobs I didn't want to be doing. Getting by in London is a strain at best. I kept finding myself putting my music on the backburner when I wrote this (due to work), and it frustrated me. I just wanted to be able to create what I wanted, whenever I wanted. It still happens now. It's all part of the struggle.

My favourite lyric is… 'Diet - disappointment on toast' lol

It was made… with tender loving care, but without overthinking anything.

My main inspiration was… I remember Oscar and I were referencing a lot of Steve Lacy on the day. We really love the blend of R&B and hip-hop laced within his tunes.

It sounds best when… you quit your job, put on your headphones at full whack, and storm out of the building/office.

Listen to 'Vacancy' by Havelock below:

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