Feature: Breaking the Ice with Golden Vessel

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

It's been a busy year for Golden Vessel — along with releasing his highly anticipated debut album SLOWSHINE last week, he played SXSW back in March, toured the US, and is now heading back on the road in a few months. To celebrate the release of the album, Golden Vessel took some time to answer a couple of quick questions for us.

What have you been up to today?
Coffee with a friend, registered my car, bought some glasses and now making music with Akurei.

Last song you listened to?
Tyler the creator - 'GONE, GONE / THANK YOU'

Best gift you've ever received?
Haha can't remember tbh but I prefer just seeing my friends than receiving stuff

Best book you've read?
Murakami - Norwegian Wood

Dream holiday spot?
American road trip

What kind of secret society would you start?
I'm not very good at secrets

Favourite dinosaur?

When you survive the apocalypse, what will be your first job?
Haha gathering food I guess

Last Youtube video you watched?
Do The Right Thing (1989) - Official Trailer

Have you ever texted the wrong person?
Yeah I did it yesterday

Introvert or extrovert?

Favourite director?
Yorgos Lanthimos

Three pet peeves?
Wedding hashtags, the word vibe, and commenting "literally crying rn"

Last dream that you can remember?
Writing country songs with my friend Caroline

Favourite hiding spot?
My car

What ice cream flavour would you invent?
Choc mint already exists

What planet would you move to?
Mars cause seems like there's gonna be infrastructure there soon

Favourite soundtrack?
Call Me By Your Name

Title of your future memoir?
Just Get Me Home

Dream place to play a show?

Listen to SLOWSHINE by Golden Vessel below:

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