Feature: The Ingredients of Avalanche with Moonbase

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Australian future bass aficionado Moonbase last week unveiled is brand new four-track EP Avalanche. The Sydney producer draws on influences spanning from bassline to UK garage. The release of the EP is a major moment for Moonbase, with it being his first since he was hospitalised with brain cancer last year. He takes us through the EP below.

Travelling NZ
A lot of the initial Avalanche EP drafts arose from a few months of travelling across New Zealand with my partner. We packed our bags and swapped out the concrete jungle of Sydney for the vast north island countrysides. I wasn't going over with the intention of starting an EP but the roots formed from that trip.

Trench Records
One of the main and continually serving influences to all my music production is the Trench Records family. It's a record label I started back in 2017 and is home to a whole bunch of super talented and forward-thinking artists like Tiber, Tobacco Rat and Miss Blanks (who features on one of the tracks from the EP).

It's a practice I've picked up only in the past six months or so, but the changes have been overwhelming. In early 2018, I was diagnosed with brain cancer and operated on to have a tumour removed. After my long stay in the hospital, one thing that was greatly altered was my sense of balance and fine motor skills. I found yoga through trying to remedy those issues, and when it started helping me greatly I never looked back.

World Bar Closure
In the time that Avalanche was taking shape, the World Bar in Sydney shut its doors. ‪Like so many other producers, the World Bar was home to some of my first nights out, and where I cut my teeth as a DJ, so it was sad when the news went out. Some of the tracks and sounds on the EP are in memoriam to that fine institute. RIP In Peace World Bar :(

Dark Souls
One of my all-time favourite series has to be Dark Souls, and the first entry in the series is probably the best out of the lot. Together with yoga, running and painting, playing through DS1 is one of the few rituals I have that helps me flesh out musical concepts in between studio sessions.

Listen to Avalanche by Moonbase below:

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