Feature: The Ingredients of Run Around the Sun with Sacred Paws

Friday, May 31, 2019

Glasgow-based indie pop duo Sacred Paws today shared their brand new album Run Around the Sun. Their new album is a follow-up to their debut release Strike a Match, which won Scottish Album of the Year in 2017. Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers bring their A-game once again and the result is ten reflective tracks that will fill you with so much warmth. Learn more about the story behind the album with Sacred Paws below.

Free Love
Free love are a band that we have been friends with for years now. Not only do we love their music and electrifying live shows, but they have also both been so supportive of our band. We’ve often been playing a show in Glasgow and I've looked down to seen Suzie dancing in the front row with this huge smile on her face and it always makes me so happy. We’ve been really lucky to have Lewis Cook from Free Love play synths on this record and the last one, he’s extremely talented and adds something so special.

Tony Doogan
Tony recorded and produced the record. We also worked with him on our first one and we become better friends every time! He’s really patient and encouraging with us not to mention he is a sonic wizard! He’s worked with lots of Scottish bands that we look up to, like Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai and Belle and Sebastian.

Next Stop Soweto comps
We’ve been obsessed with a series of compilations put out by Strut records of South African pop, soul and funk. Every time I listen to these records, it re-ignites my passion for guitar music and just generally makes me feel happy. It's all perfect music!

Spinning Coin
Jack from Spinning Coin plays the guitar for us live and is one of my favourite guitar players! he’s also the nicest most gentle person, so a total joy to tour with. We toured with Spinning Coin around the time we released our first album and their infectious, gorgeous songs definitely inspired us to get in touch with our softer side at moments on Run Around The Sun.

A BBC documentary about Allen Toussaint 
I was struggling with writing the brass parts for this record and during a moment of ‘research’ (aka procrastination) I looked up the New Orleans musician Allen Toussaint and stumbled upon this film. I was fascinated by what a cool and dedicated person he was. I don’t even feel I have the right to claim him as an inspiration on the brass arrangements as what I ended up with is very rudimentary compared to whatever Louisianna magic it is that he conjures up when he writes! But it did get me really excited to finish the parts!

Listen to Run Around the Sun by Sacred Paws below:

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