Interview: A Chat with Jack Savidge from Friendly Fires

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Friendly Fires will be making their way back to Australia for Splendour in the Grass 2019 and we couldn't be more excited. Whilst they're back in town, they'll also be appearing at a couple of sideshow dates in Melbourne and Sydney. We had the chance to chat to Jack Savidge from the trio about coming back to Australia, the band getting back together and new music.

What drove the band to want to restart after your break?

I think we just stopped doing whatever we were doing, and just kind of ended doing other things.  We weren't totally inactive together during that period, we were always doing a little bit of writing, and we just felt like this is getting back to a really good place now. I wish there was this big story or revelation, but we sort of just came back into each other's orbit and it felt good. I think the things we were working on came to a natural end then too.

What were you working on in those in-between years?

I was doing a lot of DJing and helping with other peoples live shows and I was running a club night which is hopefully going to be revived in the summer. And yeah, I think Ed and Edd did their little album project. So we weren't all like totally sick of music, more having a bit of a sabbatical, more doing something and hopefully learning and becoming enriched by it.

How do you reckon having that time apart helped you as a band?

I think we needed to inevitably kind of know that it was going to happen. But it was sort of the ball that got me rolling down the hill. We got the hunger a bit more, rather than forcing the boulder up the hill kind of thing. It's not all that bad being a bit older as well to be honest. It's nice to approach something that we started when we were young with a bit more maturity.   

And how's the new album progressing at the moment?

Actually, where I'm headed to at the moment is the studio, which is kind of mixing tracks and a bit of recording on the handful of songs that we haven't finished yet.

When did you start working on that one?

A long time ago, really. There is some stuff on it from about the beginning of 2018 because that is when we made 'Love Like Waves' and that came out really easy. It was kind of setting the tone for where we were headed musically a little bit.

Are there any nerves about releasing it since it has been a while since the last one?

Yeah, we just hope that we have done something that is really kind of vital and a really good account of ourselves. I mean it has always been really nerve-racking, but I think we're confident in it. I dunno, I haven't really thought about it, suppose that comes a bit closer to the release date. It's a tiny bit nerve-racking but it's exciting as well.

You've played everything from club shows to festivals, how is the atmosphere different?

Yeah, I mean club shows feel more like you are playing to individual people, whereas with the festivals, it's like your playing to a tent, where you can't see any people but you know that they are there, or hopefully, but I think the types of shows that we do kind of lend themselves to both pretty evenly. But we haven't really played any festivals yet this year, but not all festivals are the same either, we have Splendor, which is really exciting, their lineups are very good. We have done it a few times in the past and it feels a bit home.

Speaking of Splendor In The Grass, is there anyone on the line up that you are particularly excited to see?

Anyone yeah. I really like the new James Blake record and will hopefully be able to see it live. You often end up seeing the people that are before and after you, and that can be interesting, you often see someone who surprises you, or didn't expect to be as good as they are. That can be really great.

What memories do you have of the last time you were here?

Oh man, what would have been the last time we were there? I think we were doing like a touring festival at that point. Um, what did we do? I think someone took us on like a cooking program and the chef made us deep-fried eggs, which were really good! I haven't had those since, but I do remember that! I should be able to think of a slightly better one than that but I think we were just going out every night, hanging out with the people at the festival, just had loads of really good parties

At least you remembered the deep fried egg!

Exactly! Well, I mean it was a culinary experience! It really was (laughs).

Written by Emily O'Brien

Watch the video for 'Heaven Let Me In' below:

SITG sideshow dates:
July 21st - 170 Russell, Melbourne 
July 22nd - Metro Theatre, Sydney 
More information is available here