Now Playing: Pelicandy – 'White Sky'

Thursday, May 30, 2019
Photo by Nona Duch

London-based alt-pop duo Pelicandy have come through with yet another impressive single with their latest track 'White Sky'.

'White Sky' is a soaring and uplifting track about refocusing your internal thoughts and the way you approach the world. Vocalist TC Beecham said on the single, "Choosing what world you want to live in depending more on your mind-set than your surrounding environment, it’s like a superpower that anyone can learn. Depending on how we direct our thoughts we can even change our body’s own biology." 'White Sky' also features a series of shiny and bursting 80s synths that will draw you in from the moment you press play. There's also a nice guitar solo on the track, which is the final sprinkle of sugar.

Devour everything Pelicandy serves up with 'White Sky' below.

Written by Kristy Smolcic 

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