Premiere: Froyo – 'Out There'

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Today, it’s our pleasure to bring you a sneak preview of Froyo's upcoming debut EP Blue with their moving new single 'Out There'. The EP is set for release this Friday, May 3rd.

'Out There' sees Froyo revive the finer elements of 80s pop through the use of racing synths and glorious vocal harmonies.

The track is about feeling depleted and anxious when missing someone. On the video, they said "We had three ideas for an 'Out There' music video. One was to watch somebody go for an aimless, long drive. Another was to stand in front of a green screen and play instruments. The other was to follow somebody on his way to celebrate a special anniversary/date. In the end, we opted for the one with the actual narrative."

The track was originally written for a friend of the duo who was moving overseas, but then the track took on a whole new meaning when the same friend tragically took their own life in the lead-up to the EP.

You can check out the music video for 'Out There' below.

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