Video Premiere: DRMNGNOW – 'Indigenous Land' (Live at PBS)

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Photo by Naomi Lee Beveridge

Community radio remains at the heart of local music, and Melbourne’s PBS 106.7FM continue to share their passion with music fans. As part of the PBS Radio Festival membership drive, we're thrilled to share with you a live performance of DRMNGNOW's 'Indigenous Land'.

'Indigenous Land' explores ideas centred around Indigenous Sovereignty and the continuous impact colonial settler occupation has had on this country.

DRMNGNOW's Neil Morris said of community radio:

"Community radio is a crucial avenue for many artists that don't fit the specifications of commercial and other extremely aesthetic driven realms of music distribution. As an independent artist who explores what can be quite challenging content, community radio has been a valuable asset in growing an audience base to get my work out to which is invaluable. That said, community radio will continue to offer this to Indigenous artists as we so often and will continue to create music with strong often cultural and politically challenging narratives that are not made with a strong commercial intent. In many ways this works for alot of Indigenous artists as this keeps our music in grassroots circles which works hand-in-hand with the community development and wholistic approach that is the pulse of much indigenous music. The beautiful thing is this is some of the most relevant music in tuis land right now in the critical times we are most with. And in community radio there is so often a place for this! As community radio recognises more and the responsibility to have indigenous and peoples of colour broadcasting, community radio can remain at the forefront of the music world in providing culturally safe spaces for the content of indigenous artists..this is crucial work that has a vital role in the now.” 

Learn more about PBS 106.7FM and the PBS Radio Festival here.

Watch DRMNGNOW perform 'Indigenous Land' below: