25 Songs We've Loved in 2019 (So Far)

Monday, June 3, 2019

So far in 2019, we've had the joy of stumbling across so much incredible new music. We're extremely excited to take you through some of the tracks that we've been blasting on repeat this year.

Wooze – ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’
If Gary Numan had a love child, it would be this band. This track sends me into a trance each time I listen to it and I’m more than happy to stay there for a concerning amount of time. There are many things we love about WOOZE, but one of them is how they're able to make all the mundane things about being a human into something that's whimsical and other-worldly.  – Kristy

Anteros – ‘Drive On’
From the moment you press play on 'Drive On', there's no going back. 'Drive On' is charged up, all-consuming and everything we could ever ask from in a song. Along with making you want to throw on your finest dancing shoes, it's also powerful in the way it explores environmental destruction and the Great Pacific garbage patch. – Amy

The Ninth Wave – ‘Used To Be Yours’
Glasgow's The Ninth Wave is one of our favourite breakthrough acts of the year. 'Used To Be Yours' is sharp, but also intimate and delicate. The track finds itself somewhere between post-punk and 80s pop. Through stunning vocal harmonies and soaring instrumentals, 'Used To Be Yours' will leave you with chills. – Amy

Ezra Furman – ‘Calm Down AKA I Should Not Be Alone’
My heart skipped a beat when I first heard this song. It makes all your senses panic and spins you out of control! – Kristy

Charlotte OC – ‘Better Off on My Own’ 
Is it possible for a song to be fierce and dreamy simultaneously? Charlotte OC proves this on her soaring single ‘Better Off on My Own’ – Amy

PAPOOZ – 'Theatrical State of Mind’
'Theatrical State of Mind' is a sleek offering by the ever-so-cool Papooz. The French duo brings a contrasting mix of an unshakable and enticing groove with brooding lyrics — the combination of them both is magical.  – Kristy

Cage the Elephant – ‘Social Cues’
Before listening to this track, I schedule an appointment in with a masseuse because it makes my body groove in ways I never thought imaginable. – Kristy

Sundara Karma – ‘Higher States’
Along with sharing one of our favourite albums of the year, the band from Reading also shared this fiery tune. The music video is also a piece of art and you should definitely stop everything right now and watch it. – Amy

Walt Disco – 'Strange To Know Nothing’
Screw having Aerosmith’s ‘I Don't Want to Miss a Thing’ play at your prom or school dance, throw this gem on and you’ll have a much better time. – Kristy

FRITZ – ‘Ghost Poke’
We adore everything Fritz does and this track is an absolute banger. It has a 90s-like energy and transports me to another world each time I hit play. – Kristy

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – ‘Late Night City’
I’d like to check-in wherever Late Night City is, ASAP, please. I’ve got my leather star boots and embarrassing dance moves ready to let loose at my arrival. – Kristy

LUCIA – ‘Blueheart’ 
‘Blueheart’ is a mighty and unapologetic track by Glasgow’s LUCIA. We’ve been obsessed with this song ever since we first heard it in February, and we still love it just as much in June. It’s impossible to ever be left disappointed by LUCIA. – Amy

Augustine – 'A Scent of Lily'
Augustine's 'A Scent of Lily' is a cinematic tune that channels the consuming nature of love. Not only are his lyrics poetic, but they're also accompanied by atmospheric soundscapes and racing synths — resulting in a track that's utterly exquisite. – Amy

CHAI – ‘Fashionista’
CHAI definitely spiced up our lives with ‘Fashionista’. We’re always ready for more CHAI in our lives! – Kristy

Charly Bliss – ‘Capacity’
‘Capacity’ finds itself at the intersection of shoegaze and 90s grunge and it’s just so damn good. Confessional and anthemic, the track was designed to be blasted aloud (we promise your neighbours won’t get mad). – Amy

Faye Webster – ‘Flowers’ (ft. FATHER) 
‘Flowers’ might have appeared out of place on the album, but the song is still absolutely incredible. Faye’s enchanting vocals mixed with Father’s verse is heaven. – Amy

Squid – ‘Houseplants’
This song is a journey in itself. Playful punk at its finest, it's hard to not be left captivated by it. – Kristy

The Voidz – ‘The Eternal Tao’
Mac DeMarco + Kirin J Callinan + The Voidz = what a time to be alive. – Kristy

Egyptian Blue – ‘Collateral’ 
Oh yeah. A good punk-infused track makes me weak at the knees. It's one that needs to be heard a good 30 times in a row (at the very least). – Kristy

Phoebe Green – ‘Dreaming Of’ 
That exhilarating chorus always feels so good. We’re constantly in awe of everything she does. – Amy

Arlo Parks – ‘Super Sad Generation’
Arlo Parks writes music that’s beyond her years and her introspective track ‘Super Sad Generation’ is only one of many impressive songs that she has created. She’s without a doubt one to watch. – Amy

Generationals – ‘I Turned My Back on the Written Word’ 
It’s classic Generationals. Your soul will be feeling a little better once you have this gem in your life. – Amy

BATTS – ‘Overstayed Your Welcome’ 
Featuring a poignant and stirring narrative, ‘Overstayed Your Welcome’ will leave you mesmerised.  – Kristy

Wasuremono – ‘Are You OK?’
‘Are You OK?’ is a vibrant and fascinating track — after one listen, we guarantee that you’ll be playing it for hours. – Amy

Mini Mansions – ‘GummyBear’
Mini Mansions unleashing a disco track into the world was so unexpected, and nailing it says alot about them, they are just full of surprises. – Kristy

List and words by Kristy Smolcic and Amy Smolcic 

Listen to our playlist featuring all our favourites from the year so far below: