EP Review: HONEYMOAN – Body

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

South African band HONEYMOAN have been attracting a lot of buzz recently, and rightfully so — they possess the ability to channel the fears and feelings that are caused by living in a world that's image and technological driven. This Friday (June 28), they'll be unleashing their highly anticipated debut EP Body. Spanning four equally captivating tracks, the EP is an exploration of real and relatable feelings connected to our growing addiction to technology, coping with rejection and vanity.

Body opens up with the freeing sounds of 'Follow Me'. Despite the track's shining vocals and upbeat piano, 'Follow Me' sees the band reflect on alienation and self-inflicted isolation caused by our addiction to technology. It's intriguing that though the song may sound like something you blast on-repeat during a long summer's night, the words express a contrasting feeling. Towards the end of the track, the vocals become computerised and appear on repeat. The words, "All that I need is connectivity / Got a date with my screen / Simply living the dream" are heard on loop.

'Sweating Gold' is home to glorious guitar work and mesmerising arrangements. Listening to 'Sweating Gold' feels like stepping through rays of sunshine. Like the opener, there's an intriguing contrast between the vibrant nature of the instrumentals and the stirring feeling inside that you feel when you listen closely to the lyrics.

The seductive and sultry sounds of 'Low Blow' appears next. Home to a hypnotic and luring rhythm, the track impresses with its bassline and guitar riffs. 'Low Blow''s absorbing energy compliments the lyrics, which are about coping with rejection when desperately wanting to hook-up with someone.

The EP closes with 'Gym Song', which is an honest track about vanity and an unhealthy obsession with one's own body. The subject of 'Gym Song' is attempting to be overly healthy, but in the process, they're shaming those who are around them and distancing themselves from the people who care about them.

HONEYMOAN's debut EP Body is an exciting release from a band who's on the rise — get ready for their takeover.

Written by Amy Smolcic (@amysmolcic)

Body is available to pre-order before its release on June 28th via Bandcamp here

'Low Blow':

'Sweating Gold':