Feature: The Anatomy of 'Angels 888' (ft. Cub Sport) with Oh Boy

Thursday, June 13, 2019
Photo by Lulu @piesnpeaches

Sydney producer Oh Boy joined forces with Cub Sport for the utterly beautiful 'Angels 888'. It's been a busy year for Oh Boy, who this year also shared Brentwood Heights, which is an EP spanning six mesmerising tracks. To celebrate the release of the music video for 'Angel 888' (starring Tim Nelson of Cub Sport), Oh Boy dives into the story behind the single below.

We wrote ‘Angels 888'... Cub Sport and I wrote 'Angels 888' because we wanted to contribute to the rise of our planet’s global consciousness. It’s a song about transcendence, opening your mind and being confident in yourself and your own spiritual journey.

The story behind ‘Angels 888' is… Beautiful. I had written 'Angels 888' originally just to be the intro track for the Brentwood Heights EP. I hadn’t really ever intended to have a top line or any sort of recognisable lyrics because I knew the words and feelings I felt for the song but I couldn’t figure out how to convey that lyrically. Instead, I decided I wanted someone to do a few runs or an angelic beautiful hum to layer with chords and pretty synths. I felt as though Tim’s voice was the perfect match for me to be able to get that so I sent him the instrumental and asked if he liked it and would be interested. I’ll never forget getting the demo sent back to me. I was in Los Angeles at the time (in Brentwood Heights actually) and Tim had let me know he was going to record a few things so we agreed on sending each other love, energy and all things positive telepathically through the universe and whatever would come from that would be the song. I was sitting on my bed a few hours later and he sent back the demo and as soon as I heard it I started crying because it was perfect. I didn’t expect an entire top line at all, let alone one as perfect as that. He captured every thought, word and feeling I had about the song exactly and we turned that into 'Angels 888'.

My favourite lyric is… I have two :) “I’m not looking for a limelight, I just want to Free Your Mind," and “Let’s turn this revelation to a revolution, it’s a revolution.”

It was made… Through divine connection.

Our main inspiration was… Love, spirituality, altered states of consciousness, finding one's self, nature, flowers, birds, trees, pineal glands.

It sounds best when… When you have warm sunlight shining on you, outside in nature, on a cold morning.

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