Feature: The Anatomy of 'Bad Feelin'' with Buddy Ryan

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Melbourne-based lyricist Buddy Ryan last month shared his soulful single 'Bad Feelin''. Inspired by his own observations of the world around him, 'Bad Feelin'' presents a series of thought-provoking lyrics that make you stop and ponder each word. To celebrate the release of the single, he dissected it for us below.

I wrote 'Bad Feelin''... It’s kinda crazy because I wrote 'Bad Feelin'' in like 30 mins in the studio. My high school friend Cam emailed me the beat and asked if I liked it and I laughed because it sounded like some old Kanye track. I usually write a few songs a week but this one seemed to have written itself.

The story behind 'Bad Feelin''... The story behind 'Bad Feelin'' is grounded in karma and is a song about energy. The song starts off with “Fucking karma, my armor, only the realest winning” which foreshadows the character Keenan we meet in the second verse. When I wrote the song I needed a way to tie the hook into the story which is where the topic and subject matter originated from. As a songwriter, I feel my first role is to do what’s appropriate for the beat so that my words carry the same narrative and my second role is to make sure that I’m true to myself within the story.

My favourite line... My favorite line in the song is “My n*ggas need some healing, not a Maybach ceiling. It’ll take a gift and curse to describe this feelin”.

I feel that people in today’s world are conditioned to look for material things to fix the issues inside and the line highlights that. This of course only makes more problems because the real issues get ignored so you can look cool in the eyes of someone else. You’re up to date on fashion now which is cool (the gift) but you’re still missing something on the inside (the curse).

It was made... When I was making this song I didn’t think it would be anything special until I played it back for the first time and then it hit me that this could be something special. It’s weird because sometimes I don’t realize the meaning behind the words I write until I hear it back. The song kinda has a gospel feel to it which is not ideal because I’m not a religious guy but I wanted to keep that theme alive with themes like “Sunday service for my soul, it’s a bad religion. Golden angel round my neck in this stylish living.”

My main inspiration... I wouldn’t say that I was inspired by anything in particular on this song. I deff caught a warmly West vibe but I was more inspired to stay in theme and true to the music more than anything.

It sounds best...  I’d say the song sounds best in headphones or in a car after or during a nice splif :)

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