Feature: Breaking the Ice with Soft Streak

Friday, June 7, 2019
Photo by Shannon Moss

LA-based alt-pop duo Soft Streak, featuring Tori Schachne and Colton Toy, recently shared the music video for their latest single 'Reasonable Lie'. Inspired by 1975 arthouse film Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels, the video sees them explore shallow relationships. To celebrate the release of 'Reasonable Lie', Tori and Colton took some time out to dive into a series of quick-fire questions for us.

Last song you listened to?
Colton: SAME

Best gift you've ever received?
Tori: Feist played a surprise Mother’s Day show in LA and I’m not a mom, but that felt like a gift just for me
Colton: Ariana Grande Merch

Best book you've read?
Tori: Ever?! This is a cop-out but the best books I’ve read so far this year are Work by Bud Smith and Hollywood’s Eve by Lili Anolik.
Colton: Norwegian Wood or The Goldfinch

Dream holiday spot?
Tori: Italy. I want to eat lots of food and be by the water!
Colton: Taiwan

What kind of secret society would you start?
Tori: Society of women who watch movies and read books and discuss them over a meal they cooked together (Maybe I already do this to some degree, it’s just not secret)
Colton: Secret society of chill beats

Favourite dinosaur?
Tori: I always thought the stegosaurus looked the coolest
Colton: Brachiosaurus

When you survive the apocalypse, what will be your first job?
Tori: Post apocalypse chef
Colton: Farmer

Last Youtube video you watched?
Tori: a Bon Appetit cooking demo ☺️
Colton: 'Aute Cuture' by Rosalía

Have you ever texted the wrong person?
Tori: Yes! But luckily it wasn’t too bad
Colton: Yes it was very bad, I was texting somebody about poop and sent it to the wrong person

Introvert or extrovert?
Tori: Both? Extrovert when I’m comfortable with the people around me
Colton: Introvert

Favourite director?
Tori: These are hard questions. Maybe Nicole Holofcener
Colton: Paul Thomas Anderson

Three pet peeves?
Tori: When someone chews food really loudly (misophonia), when the plane has landed but you can’t exit because you’re waiting in purgatory for the gate to open, drivers who cut you off in the lane and then immediately go slower than you
Colton: Styrofoam rubbing together, when my hair gets in my face, bad mixes

Last dream that you can remember?
Tori: I was skiing on skis that we’re made of snakes
Colton: The only dreams I remember are ones I'm getting chased in

Favourite hiding spot?
Tori: Can’t tell you!
Colton:  Under a sheet?

What ice cream flavour would you invent?
Tori: Apple pie ice cream
Colton: Ginger ice cream

What planet would you move to?
Tori: Hopefully we can save this planet before we have to move to another one
Colton: Somewhere that is 80 degrees year around

Favourite soundtrack?
Tori: Phantom Thread or Eternal Sunshine
Colton: Call Me By Your Name or Moonlight

Title of your future memoir?
Tori: Notorious
Colton: The Man Who Knew Too Much

Dream place to play a show?
Tori: Primavera Sound
Colton: Sunny outdoor concert with grass

Check out 'Reasonable Lie' below:

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