Feature: The Ingredients of Absent In Person with Peakes

Saturday, June 8, 2019
Photo by Nick Porter

Leeds-based alt-pop trio Peakes, featuring Molly Puckering, Maxwell Shirley and Peter Redshaw, shared their new EP Absent In Person late in April. Across the EP's three expressive and mesmerising tracks, the trio explores ideas of hyper-consumerism and loneliness. Molly from Peakes takes us through the influences behind their EP.

Yorkshire (God’s Own Country)
Max and I have lived in Leeds for six years now so it really feels like home. But we still get inspired by our city and surroundings. Ilkley Moor is one of our favourite places in Yorkshire/the world and we’ll often get on a train and go there when we feel stunted creatively. Many trips were had up the Moors during the writing of the EP.

Studio 45, London
This is where we recorded and produced all three tracks on the EP with the incredible producer Steph Marziano. This was such a magical and fun couple of days locked away in a studio on the canal where we essentially just had fun and messed around with synths and sounds. What a dream!

Art Galleries
We LOVE to go to exhibitions and so many have inspired us to go away and write and be creative. One of our favourites ever was Lee Bull at the Hayward Gallery last August. Another exhibition we saw recently was Franz West at the Tate Modern and we were obsessed with how playful and direct he was in how he used colour and shape.  His approach has definitely influenced us to be more bold and have fun with our music.

Leeds Music Community
Leeds is a melting point for music where so many different genres and artists co-exist together. For a big city, the community still feels relatively small and we owe a lot to our fellow Leeds artists for supporting us and creating an environment that lifts others up and encourages you to explore and have fun with your music.

Two of the songs on the EP talk about isolation. Being a musician can be a very odd thing when you spend most of your time locked inside depending on your own creativity whilst the rest of the world seems to be out there living their life in full speed. It can be quite a solitary and slow life at times and we felt drawn to explore those moments in our music.

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